The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry (2012)


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Comments from people who have read this book:

The Best history book that I have ever read! It covers everything of the period and answers all the questions you would ever have with the absolute truth! I learned more with this book than all the so called books about Europe and the origins of WWI and WWII.

Everything you know about the World War II is WRONG. Most history books are ready to acknowledge that WWII was continuation of the unresolved issues of WWI. This book goes farther to explain that both wars were incited by British finance capitalists and industrialists to destroy Germany as a competitor to the British Empire. WWII was just to finish the job. The story unfolds that Germany was becoming an economic powerhouse with a growing colonial system after the country was united under Bismark. Germany was beginning to step on the British economy. Germany was wrongly blamed for starting WWI, and the Treaty of Versailles ruined the country. German people were forced into starvation and poverty by the terms of the Treaty, which was exactly what British Imperalists and the largely Jewish finance capitalists that supported it intended. As the German economy was reinvigorated by the National Socialist economic reforms that reversed and by passed the terms of Versailles, Hitler was able to rebuild it’s military with the goal of taking back all of the territory taken away from Germany under Versailles. British imperialist Churchill was wrongly stuck in the old British view of the world—which was maintain the dominance of Britain in the world economy. Hitler’s view was that the real threat to the world economic system as well as Western Civilization, was the rise of Jewish bolshevik Communism. The book unfolds the role of communist Roter Frontkämpferbund or “Red Front” agitation at the end of WWI and during the years of the Wiemar Republic, the role of international finance capitalists profiting from the inflation resulting from Versailles, the imperialist Churchill’s rejection of Hitler’s overtures to prevent war, the Allied war crimes against the civilian population, the hypocrisy of the Nuremberg trials. Most interesting the alternative perspective about Rudolf Hess. A must read book!

Post WW2 history PROVES General Patton and Hitler were right, the Allies fought the wrong enemy. The Bolsheviks and Russia were much worse than Germany. They had already killed millions BEFORE WW2. The lying mainstream media and corrupt politicians are to blame for this historical blunder. Today, it is still the same, the lying mainstream media can not be trusted. They even still lie about 9-11, and almost no one buys the “official” version anymore.

This book will provide you with good information about how we have been lied to about evilness of Germans in both world wars. Jews have accused Germans of what they themselves wanted to do. No, Hitler didn’t want to take over the world and exterminate other people, it was rather Jewish Bolsheviks who wanted to take over the world and start massacring people like they did in soviet Russia and if Hitler wouldn’t have reacted to international Jewish Bolshevik menace then they would have taken over entire western Europe all the way until England and this same mass slaughter would have started to take place there as it happened in soviet Russia. It wouldn’t certainly have stopped in western Europe but it would have spread around the world and then the entire world would have been like Palestine.

Thanks for Benton L. Bradberry for putting all this information that you are not supposed to know into one book so that it’s easy to get the whole picture without starting to read many different books about what truly took place in history.

I just hope that facts presented in this book would reach as much people as possible since today the world is faced with new menace instead of international communism – the menace today is global Zionism that also seeks world domination from their greater Israel.

I hope you look presentation by Christopher Bollyn about 9/11 to realise the danger of global Zionism in our modern world. It’s called: Christopher Bollyn – “The Dual-Deception of 9/11 and the Fraudulent War on Terror”.

Thanks to the author for his valuable work!


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