Race and Reality: A Search for Solutions by Carleton Putnam


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Carleton Putnam was one of America’s foremost writers on racial matters. Holding science and a law degrees from Princeton and Columbia University, he was founder and president of Chicago & Southern Airlines, which later merged with another company to become Delta Air Lines. Putnam served as chief executive of Delta, and remained a director until his death in 1998. Race and Reality is the sequel to his earlier work, Race and Reason. Written in the form of a midnight soliloquy, Race and Reality recounts the author’s experiences with the scientific hierarchy. It reviews the evidence for racial differences, the crisis facing the white world, and tells the inside story of the Stell trial and explores the methods by which the truth about it has been evaded and ignored. Finally, in a question and answer section similar to that in Race and Reason, it deals with the scores of related issues which so often confuse the central problem. In the last two chapters, it focuses on that problem and proposes a solution.

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